About the Journal

There is no need to convince readers of the "Biota" journal that the natural environment is created and maintained by living organisms, the totality of which is biota. The study of the diversity of living things, which began with the times of Hippocrates, Aristotle and Theophrastus, in the modern scientific world does not lose its relevance. In the 21st century, the search for scientists is very diverse – from an inventory of the species diversity of ecosystems to studying the mechanisms of adaptation of organisms and metagenomic studies of biota. Biota for which there are no administrative boundaries compensates any environmental disturbances not exceeding the threshold of destruction of the biota itself. This leads to the need for international cooperation in various areas of the study of living things. In order to unite scientists studying various aspects of the biotic potential of the environment and its conservation, we begin the release of the international scientific journal "Biota". We have attracted scientists from Ukraine, Poland and Belarus, carrying out scientific research in various fields of biology and ecology, into the editorial board of the journal.

From our potential authors, we expect original articles on the results of diverse studies of living matter at different levels of organization – from molecular to biospheric. We look forward to articles on the problems of the functioning of biological systems (including the human body), the protection of biodiversity and the biotic regulation of the environment. There is always a place for lighting on the pages of Biota the results of scientific discussions of researchers living.

The themes of the journal:

- History of biota research
- Phytobiota
- Mycobiota
- Zoobiota
- Microbiota
- Biodiversity conservation
- The functioning of biological systems
- Biotic environmental regulation

Editorial Board of the journal accepts for publication reviews of scientific works in the field of biological sciences.

Scientific discussions on biota research are encouraged.